Mommy Lesson 3) Let’s Be Honest, Here

It’s funny how “Being Honest” can be such a challenging topic to talk about. I overestimated my abilities, here, and thought I could crank out an article about honesty and parenting in 30 minutes. Instead, it took talking to other parents, running a poll on Facebook, and really delving into my thoughts and memories to be able to break it down to size.

The truth is…

…when it comes to parenting and my own experiences, both as a woman and as a person with physical challenges, talking about honesty is much more complex than at first glance. There is the important aspect of being truthful, yes, but more than that is openness and being courageous enough to be forthright. To complicate the topic further is the need to be sensitive to other’s views, conscious of context, and, of course, to be cool-headed. And lastly, one has to be as open and honest with oneself as well as others, even if it means being brutally honest.


…did I figure out all these things? Trial and trial and error, my friend. Being the master communicator that I am (HA!), I had to figure out the best way to get my feelings heard and understood while maintaining an open dialog. I had to learn that if I keep running in to a mental wall, if my energy is nearing exhaustion, and if I think I am seeing something wrong with my situation (or the family situation, at times) the most important things I needed to do were to 1) collect my thoughts (What’s going on? How do I feel about it? Are there other people who might be affected by this problem, too), 2) find the appropriate person to bounce my problems off of, and, probably the most important, 3) approach the subject at the appropriate time.

Didja get all that?

There were times when I completely missed the boat on all three of these elements but instead of giving up, I just had adjust my tactics and try again later. I think these methods of honesty work for probably any situation but especially with innocent little treasures around becoming master communicators is a goal we all should strive for.

So, what gems of wisdom did I gain from my crusade to honesty?

I tend over-think things and I spend too much time on minor details. Guess I need to work on that a little… =) But also, that I should trust myself more (sound familiar?) and that there is a reason I have a support system- so I can count on them when I need an extra hand, an ear, or a shoulder.

Next article… Too be determined (because I spent way too much brain power on this one 🙂 )


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