A gem in the rubble: Some encouraging words for new parents…

This was something I started writing back on June 6 of this year. It was unfinished for so long that I just forgot about it. I didn’t want to be disingenuous to the reader or the article so I just did a quick conclusion and left the rest as is. Enjoy!

To the new or potentially new parent- Parenthood is not designed to be an easy experience. It’s truly a 24/7/365-and-then-some job but, unlike other occupations that wear you out and leave you the same as before, this one makes you love deeper, care better, and defy the boundaries of adult logic. It proves everyday that not only your little one, but you as well, are capable of amazing things. And those lessons learned are very rewarding!

When you’re a parent with a disability, these lessons seem even more pronounced. Suddenly, everything you do has to be more calculated: transfers need to be executed perfectly, balance and strength need to be maximized, and one’s health needs to be a top priority next to the infant’s. It’s a test of wills, of stamina, of patience and adaptability. Yes, becoming a parent with a disability is the ultimate academy of Life. Life lesson of the day for me? Stay positive and “keep swimming,” just like Dori in Finding Nemo.

To sum it all up in a few words, Today has been an amazing day with my son. It began with him waking up early. He ate a full bottle and, instead of going back to sleep right away, he was alert and playful… Normally a good thing but not when the parents could have easily used the extra hours of sleep. I was feeling tired and a little weary of the full day ahead but then that little blue fish popped into my head and said, “you can do this! You can be the awesome Mom your son needs.” That was the motivation I needed. So, with a little extra effort, I got myself up, shook of any self-consciousness and loved my son as best I could.

From that little extra effort came great rewards. Evan and I had a lot of fun playing and exploring the house, listening to music and cuddling, and most of all, forming that deep special bond that only a mother can have with her child.

>>Ever since that day, I have kept that line in my head, “just keep swimming.” It’s a good little song to keep in your head when lack of willpower or courage get in your way.


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