Getting it Right: a video all chair users (and providers) need to see

I love social media because great ideas can spread like wildfire. Today, a video went viral about the importance of a well-designed wheelchair- a topic important to me and my readers.  I like and respect how the video does not over-dramatize the daily challenges people with disabilities face; it just shows and explains how the right equipment can be the difference between dependence and independence.

The video also shows how wheelchairs are not “one size fits all” and how an improperly fitted wheelchair can, in fact, cause expensive medical problems, such as pressure sores and scoliosis.  On a personal note, a couple years of after my spinal cord injury, I developed scoliosis (in part) because my first wheelchair didn’t fit me properly.  As late as 10 years ago, wheelchairs were something you “grew in to” but now this video proves how a wheelchair is really an extension of you and is just as important as legs are to a person who walks.

Now that you’ve seen the video, here is how you ensure you get the chair that is properly fitted for you:

Seating Evaluation and Wheelchair Prescription



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