How to clear the mountain in your way…

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I have to share this article with you- Stress Less, Write More by Kristen Lamb. It was one of those articles that popped up on the WordPress first page thingy, with the Fresh Pressed articles. I love how this chick writes! One of the many reasons I love WordPress!

In this article, she talks about something that so many of us deal with- Organization. But she does it in a way that is humorous, relevant, and applicable across the spectrum. She also has a writing style I’d like to learn. One step at a time, no?

Why share to the QuadFiles? I am making a loose connection to the target audience here but I think Organization and that Frog she talks about (now you have to read the article!) play a big part in keeping us from where we want to be.

In Lamb’s article, she talks about a book (which I will probably buy now, Thanks!) called Eat that Frog- 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done.   One of the methods she adopted from the book is making a list of things to do that day, then tackling the 2 hardest ones FIRST!

When we do the toughest jobs first, we get an endorphin rush from the sense of accomplishment. Also, since our toughest jobs are out of the way, the other “less important” chores go faster since we aren’t dragging our feet dreading the FROGS.

By clearing the bigger piles of pebbles first, all that’s left are the easy little pebbles to pick up and toss away.  One big pile down for me: Writing a new article for this blog! 🙂  Now it’s on to tackle pile two, then it’s all pebbles from there!  But knowing what comes first is where the organization comes in to play.

For me, it’s getting life around me prioritized enough to sit down and write all the articles in my head.  Quick story- I don’t like taxes and I don’t like paper so when we had to get down the big box of medical records for a particular file, I let myself get distracted.  I would rather scan all of my medical documents onto a flash drive than gather the stuff to file returns. Eventually, I had to tell myself, “You’re being ridiculous. Taxes are due, not digitizing a box of 10-year old files” …although I knew everyone around me was politely hinting at it.  My poor husband had to deal with piles of scanned and unscanned documents everywhere!

I would also much prefer to deal with my wheelchair being out of whack than call the doc to set up an appointment to get a seating eval… a 2 minute phone call… a new chair… *stress* again, Ash, that’s ridiculous!

And then there’s the actual task of writing articles…

We all have a lot of things to do, it’s just how we perceive the effort involved that we decide whether or not we want to do them.

I like to think of these things as pebbles that we have to move. Clearing them is a big job and is time consuming and, frankly, it’s more fun to get distracted. But a little pebble here and little pebble there add up to be a big friggen mountain in the way. When it comes to tackling the to-do list, are you grabbing your shovel or are you staring at the mountain? Or the pretty clouds… or that ladybug crawling on a pebble…

What’s the message here? Why the heck did I spend the morning writing this?? Because as a person with a disability, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the mounds of things (both literal and metaphorical) in the way.   However, if we tackle the things we don’t want to do first, such as set up that appointment, getting on VR, or start the paperwork with SSI, then we will not only be doing something great for our future, we will be freeing up the rest of the day for the smaller and possibly more enjoyable things. Besides, you’ll probably sleep better knowing you tackled an important project…

Prioritizing then acting.

What can you do today?  Make a list of the things you need to do and pick the top 2 things you really don’t want to do but that are most important.  Clear the large piles of pebbles and soon that mountain will be a hill, than a mound and then just a pile of pebbles… but you’ve gotta start somewhere significant.

I highly suggest you read Lamb’s article.  She inspired me to sit down and write this article,  it may have taken a good couple hours but now it’s finished.

And now I am going to the Science Center with my son 🙂  Yes, getting work done has its benefits!  Making this article priority one will leave my mind clear to enjoy the day and I hope you enjoy yours, too!


One thought on “How to clear the mountain in your way…

  1. azatty

    This is a great post. As I look around me at my desk, I can see I struggle with drilling down to get organized. I remember a terrific book on writing called “Bird By Bird.” The title referred to a boy telling his dad in despair that he had to do a report on the birds of North America. He asked his father how he could ever accomplish such a thing. His dad replied, “Bird by bird.” I guess that’s an older generation’s version of “Just do it”!

    Thanks for your insight!


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