Cool Parents

There’s something very special trending in social media- parents are sharing photos of their children’s custom-made Halloween costumes.  Not only do these photographs make me smile because of the sheer creativity but there is something special going on here that touches my heart.

For centuries up to recent times, disabilities were viewed as something to shut away and hide or scoff at.  Children with cerebral palsy or spina bifida were sent to infirmaries, away from their families, to live out theirs days institutionalized. Professionals in the field believed they were doing a merciful deed but what they were really doing is fueling the fear and ignorance among society as a whole.

It’s an enlightening history lesson.

Fortunately, society is starting to accept what we all inherently know, if we just listen to our hearts- that individuals, whether they have disabilities or not, are people that deserve to be treated with care and love.  It’s a partnership, a teamwork and acceptance of challenges and denial of misguided assumptions. It’s taking two completely separate things: A beloved holiday for children and an essential mobility device and creating a costume that a child with a disability can enjoy. It’s showing society that Yes, you can have a normal interaction with an individual who looks different from you and, possibly most important of all, it is teaching children to love and care for each other and to think with their hearts and not their fears.  It’s this kind of love and compassion that moves mountains and changes lives and it’s encouraging to see the movement toward a more integrated world.

God bless these parents.

Here are a couple more of my favorites 🙂



2 thoughts on “Cool Parents

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  2. handimouse

    These are such wonderful and creative costumes! These children are very blessed to have such talented family members who are escorting them into a world that often has a problem with those who are different than themselves. By being part of that world and interacting with other children, hopefully the next generation will be more understanding … we can only hope and do our best to ensure that happens …


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