The Quadfiles was at first part of my job. My employer saw a need among our patients, families, and caregivers for real life support. Since I had a spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury and have mentored for nearly 10 years, he hired me to write about my experiences and share the stories of others. I did not expect this “job” to evolve the way it has. There was an empathy that was waiting to be tapped in myself for what others were going through and on a personal side, I didn’t expect the glaring mirror of self-reflection this and the other blogs would hold. In the mirror, I am seeing the ways I have coped with my injury, the positive and negative, and the things that I have yet to accomplish. I have also discovered how much I love to write.
What I see in our community as SCI and TBI survivors and what I see in myself, as a person who has survived, is what The QuadFiles is. What I have learned from the caregiving community, both from professionals and from family caregivers, is what For Caregivers is. And the company I am so grateful to for letting me share these stories, that’s what AdvisaCare is. Please visit all three blogs and leave your comments. They fuel my mind and help me come up with the next story. And if you are an individual who needs some extra help or are a family member seeking caregiving help, please visit AdvisaCare.com.
Welcome to the blogs! I hope you enjoy them.
Ashleigh Justice

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